Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-084
Decal Sheet Title Hell's Bells
Types Featured F-105D, A-1E, B-26K, YC-14

Wolfpak Sheet 72-084 provides markings for a wide variety of predominantly Vietnam-era aircraft. The airframes are:

  • F-105D-10-RE 60-0504 "RU" from the 357th TFS based at Takhli RTAFB during 1970 and called "Memphis Belle II". The aircraft carried the standard South East Asian scheme, comprising FS34079, FS34102 and FS30219 upper surfaces with FS36622 lower surfaces. "Memphis Belle" was carried in black script on a yellow panel on the leading edge of the wings, with white tailcodes and artwork on the nose;
  • F-105D-31-RE 62-4367 from the 18th TFW, Yokota AB, 1964 was painted overall aluminium lacquer with a blue arrow outlined in white on the leading edges of the wings and a blue "B" on the upper fin;
  • F-105D-5-RE 58-1159 "ME" from the 552nd TFS, 23rd TFW based at McConnell AFB during 1969. It was painted overall aluminium lacquer with a blue band aft of the radome and black "ME" tailcodes;
  • B-26K 64-17645 "TA" from the 609th SOS during summer 1968, painted in the South East Asian scheme but with black undersides. It carried black "TA" tailcodes and "Bat Girl" artwork on the starboard side of the nose;
  • A-1E 52-135211 "TT" from the 602nd SOS during July 1968 and used for the "Tropic Moon" trials. South East Asian scheme with black undersides and black "TT" tailcodes, together with bomb tally artwork on the port side of the fuselage below the canopies;
  • YC-14 72-1874 at Edwards AFB during 1976 and painted in the South East Asian scheme with FS36622 undersides. It carried white "BOEING YC-14" artwork on the intakes and fin.

As usual for Wolfpak, the decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop in perfect register. Stencils will need to come from the kit decals. Instructions comprise a single side view of each aircraft, additional scrap views and black-and-white camouflage schemes.

Another useful sheet from Wolfpak!

Review and images by Chris St Clair

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