Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Hobbytime Decals
Decal Sheet ID HTD 72004
Decal Sheet Title F-102A Delta Daggers
Types Featured F-102A

Hobbytime Decals is a Turkish decal manufacturer covering mostly domestic subjects. Sheet HTD 72004 however covers four USAF F-102s as well as two Turkish Air Force examples. The USAF subjects are:-

  • F-102A-55-CO 56-1044 from the 111st FIS, Texas ANG. This aircraft has red wing fences. On the fin were (from top to bottom) "TEXAS", a Distinguished Unit banner, the ANG crest, a blue and gold Texan crest and the aircraft serial number ("61044");
  • F-102A-70-CO 56-1248 from the 176th FIS, Wisconsin ANG during 1966-74. This carried a red fin and a red/white striped rudder. "WISCONSIN" was on the fin in white with a large "02". The tailcode ("0-61248") was in black on a grey background; 
  • F-102A-80-CO 56-1488 from the 179th FIS, Minnesota ANG during 1966-71. This carried a red fin, wing fences and wing tips with "MINNESOTA" in black on the fin and the tail code ("0-61488") in black on a grey background
  • F-102A-90-CO 57-847 from the 146th FIS, Pennsylvania ANG during 1966-75. This had a black radome, windshield and cockpit canopy, spine, fin, rudder and air brake and alternating pale yellow/black stripes on the rudder. The code "17" was carried on the fin tip with "PENNSYLVANIA", the ANG crest and "0-70847" all in white on the fin. The fuel tanks carried an off-yellow stripe containing "112 FTR GP" and the wing fences were also pale yellow.

All four aircraft carried the standard scheme of Air Defence Command (ADC) Grey (FS16473) with black radome and anti-glare panels. The "U.S. AIR FORCE" on the fuselage and "USAF" wing markings were Insignia Blue (FS15044).

The decal sheet is in perfect register and provides the individual unit and aircraft markings and the main stencilling, although the majority will need to come from the kit. Instructions comprise a single colour side view of each aircraft.

All in all, a very useful sheet - whilst designed for the Hasegawa kit, it should fit the Meng kit without any problems.

Review and images by Chris St Clair