Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Iliad Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72011
Decal Sheet Title Air National Guard Mustangs
Types Featured P-51D

Iliad Decals mainly produces decals in 1/48th scale; sheet 72011 is rare in that it is both 1/72nd and covers US Air National  Guard subjects - in this case, a selection of post-WWII P-51D Mustangs. The airframes featured on this sheet are:-

  • 44-72952 from the 154th FS, Arkansas National Guard.  "NG 472952" in black on the fin, together with "NG-952" buzz number. 154th FS insignia carried on fuselage instead of US national insignia, surrounded by "ARK NG". White panel on left hand side of canopy containing six swastikas, representing the aircraft's wartime kills;
  • 44-73205 from the 110th FIS, Missouri National Guard during late 1946/early 1947. "NG 473205" in black on the fin with "NG-205" buzz numbers. This aircraft carried a black disc instead of national markings on the fuselage, surrounded by "MO NG" and carried the number "3" on the nose, together with a white spinner;
  • 44-73564 from the 175th FS, South Dakota National Guard during summer 1947. "NG 473564" in black on the fin, together with "NG-564" buzz numbers. 175th FS's "Pukin' Wolf" emblem on the fuselage instead of national insignia, surrounded by "SD NG". Red fin tip and spinner;
  • 45-11349 from the 113th FS, Indiana National Guard during 1949. "NG 511349" on the fin (note the NG is much larger than the other aircraft depicted on this sheet) and "NG-349" buzz number. This aircraft carried standard national insignia on the fuselage surrounded by "IND NG", 113th FS insignia on the mid-fuselage sides and "B4" on the nose;
  • 44-63746 from the 188th FIS, New Mexico National Guard during 1947.  "NG 463746" on fin in black, Zuni Indian Zia sun emblem on the fuselage instead of national insignia and "A-I NMEX NG" insignia in black.

All aircraft were overall dull natural metal with olive drab anti-glare panels, and carried their buzz numbers above the right wing and below the left wing.  Each aircraft also carried national insignia on the upper left and lower right wings.

Instructions comprise two sides of A4 in full color. Each aircraft has a left side view and an upper view.

The decal sheet is printed in perfect register, and Iliad have got the design of the national markings right, as well as correctly depicting them in the correct shade of very dark blue. However, according to TO 1-1-4 (and its' predecessors), buzz numbers and radio (fin) numbers should be painted in Insignia Blue (FS15044) rather than black as depiced on the Iliad sheet. Having said that, there seems to be continual debate as to whether this practice was actually followed or not!

A very interesting sheet which can be used to build a variety of airframes at an interesting point in the birth of the US Air Force and Air National Guard!

Review and images by Chris St Clair