Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Draw Decal
Decal Sheet ID 72s-F102-5
Decal Sheet Title Central ANG F-102's
Types Featured F-102A

Last but not least in the first set of F-102 sheets released by Draw Decal, 72s-F102-5 covers four aircraft from ANG units in the Central United States. The airframes covered are:-

  • F-102A-75-CO 56-1380 '0-61380' from the 179th FIS, Minnesota ANG. This aircraft carried the arctic scheme, with the fin, outer wing fence, wingtips and intake splitter painted red FS12197. "U.S.AIR FORCE" in Insignia Blue on the fuselage, tail code and "MINNESOTA" in black on the fin, together with an ANG emblem;
  • F-102A-65-CO 56-1230 '61230' from the 175th FIS, South Dakota ANG. Unusually, the radome was painted Fluorescent Orange (FS28915), with red wing fences and two lightning bolts on thw fin, together with the tailcode in black. Rather than standard markings, this aircraft carried "S. DAK. AIR GUARD" in Insignia Blue on the fuselage;
  • F-102A-80-CO 56-1447 '61447' from the 182nd FIS, Texas ANG. "TEXAS AIR GUARD" in Insignia Blue on the fuselage and a red flash on the fin, together with 182nd FIS bad and black tailcode;
  • F-102A-70-CO 56-1254 '0-61254' from the 176th FIS, Wisconsin ANG. This aircraft was marked for the 192 William Tell Weapons meet and carried an arrow, red/white/blue flechette, red apple and red markings on the fuel tanks, FS12197 fin, wing fences, wing tips and intake splitters and Insignia Blue "U.S. AIR FORCE" on the fuselage. This aircraft also carried "WISCONSIN" in white on the fin, white "03" outlined in black and an ANG emblem.

All four airframes were painted overall Air Defence Command Grey (FS16473).

Instructions are quite limited, comprising a side view for each aircraft, plus left, right and wing views of the stencilling. Color information is also limited as no color notes are provided for any of the aircraft with one exception - maybe an oversight on the part of the decal sheet designer?

As is always the case with Draw Decals, their "Digital Silk" process is used. The decals are in perfect register, but a little thicker than normal waterslide decals, and need a little persuasion to settle down.

Review and images by Chris St Clair