Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Draw Decal
Decal Sheet ID 72s-F102-4
Decal Sheet Title Northeastern ANG F-102's
Types Featured F-102A

Draw Decal sheet 72s-F102-4 contains markings for 4 F-102As from Northeastern ANG units and covers Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont ANG aircraft. The aircraft featured are as follows:-

  • F-102A-90-CO 57-0813 "0-70813" from the 118th FIS, Connecticut ANG. Overall ADC Grey (FS16473) with black radome which extends over the cockpit, spine and fin. Wingtips and fuel tanks also painted black.  White wing fences and stripe on the fuel tanks, together black and white striped rudder and white serials;
  • F-102A-90-CO 57-0852 "0-70852" from the 134th FIS, Vermont ANG. This aircraft was overall ADC Grey with a green upper fin, Green wing fences and intake panels and a green arrow on the fin outlined in yellow, together with black serials;
  • F-102A-45-CO 55-3419 "0-53419" from the 146th FIS, Pennsylvania ANG. Again in ADC Grey, this aircraft carried red wing fences and intake panels and a stylised bird on the fin, together with black "CONNECTICUT" lettering and serials; and
  • F-102A-65-CO 56-1208 "61208" from the 102nd FIS, New York ANG. This aircraft was in the later South East Asia Scheme of FS34079/FS34102/FS30219 upper surfaces and FS36622 lower surfaces.  The New York ANG were one of the few units to have SEA-painted aircraft with colourful markings, and featured a large blue fin band outlined in white, containing the ANG seal and a stylised whale's fin, together with "NEW YORK" in blue. Serials were carried in black on the fin.

Draw Decal are unusual in using Silk Screening for the decals. This makes them thicker than normal transfers but they are beautifully detailed and in perfect register. The artwork for this sheet was designed by Norm Filer, a well-known figure in modelling circles, and this shows.

Two sets of National Insignia are provided, but there are no anti-glare panels for the nose or intakes.

Instructions comprise side views of the above airframes and top and bottom views, together with stencilling instructions and a copy of the relevant page from T.O. 1-1-4.

Note that airframes up to 56-1317 had the Case X wing, with 'upturned' wingtips, whilst those from 56-1318 onwards had the Case XX wing with 'downturned' wingtips. Not all of the aircraft on this sheet have the earlier Case X wing so choosing carefully is a must!

Review by Chris St Clair