Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Blackbird Models
Decal Sheet ID BMD72032
Decal Sheet Title US Air National Guard Part 1
Types Featured F-51D, T-6A, B-57B, F-89J, F-84F, RF-84F, F-104C


Blackbird Models is not well known for USAF decal sheets; BMD72032 provides markings for a number of aircraft from the ANG during the 1950s and 1960s. The airframes are as follows:-

  • AT-6A-NA 41-290 from the 194th FS, California ANG during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Overall Insignia Yellow with black anti-glare panel on the nose, black "ANG 012-90" tail codes, "NG-290" buzz numbers on the upper right and lower left wings and national insignia in four positions, with the fuselage insignia surrounded by "CALIF ANG";
  • F-51D-30-NA 44-74825 from the 194th FS, California ANG during the late 1950s. Overall dull natural metal with black anti-glare panel on the nose, red fin tip and wingtips. Insignia Blue (FS15044) "ANG 474825" tail markings, "CALIF ANG" on fuselage and "NG-825" buzz numbers;
  • RB-57B-MA 52-1551 from the 165th TRS, Kentucky ANG during the late 1950s. Overall natural metal with black anti-glare panel and red fin tip. "KY 0-21551" on the fin, BA-551 on the rear fuselage and U.S.AIR FORCE on the nose in Insignia Blue, together with "KY AIR GUARD" on the fuel tanks in Insignia Blue with a red outline;
  • F-89J-55-NO 53-2465 from the 178th FIS, North Dakota ANG during the late 1950s, shown in two different schemes. Both schemes were natural metal overall with black radome and anti-glare panel, together with Insignia Red wing tanks. "32465" on the fin, FV-465 on the rear fuselage and "N.D.AIR GUARD" on the nose in Insignia Blue. The second variant of this aircraft differs by having the rear fuselage also painted Insignia Red and National Guard markings on the fin;
  • F-104C-5-LO 56-929 from the 198th TFS, Puerto Rico ANG during 1967. Three tone South East Asia scheme of FS34079, FS34102 and FS30219 upper surfaces and FS36622 lower surfaces. Pale grey radome with black anti-glare panel on the nose. "USAF 60929" in white on the fin together with "PUERTO RICO" at the top of the fin. Small flag on the rear rudder;
  • F-84F-40-RE 52-6616 from the 162nd TFS, Ohio ANG during 1968. Overall SEA scheme with black "USAF 0-26616" on the fin;
  • RF-84F-5-RE 51-1862 from the 106th TRG, Alabama ANG, painted in the overall SEA scheme with black "USAF" and white "0-11862" on the fin, together with an ANG emblem.

Instructions comprise four sides of color photocopied A4, providing a left hand view of each aircraft, but no right hand, upper or lower views. No camouflage schem drawings are provided either, so one must obtain these from another source for the F-104, F-84 and RF-84.

The decal sheet is in good register, but there are two problems - firstly the stars'n'bars are the wrong shape (the bars should overlap the blue circle but do not), and secondly, TO 1-1-4 required the use of Insignia Blue for markings, but the sheet provides these in black instead.

One final point, which is a matter of personal preference - the sheet, at £10.00, is quite expensive when compared to other decal manufacturers such as Caracal or Wolfpak, but provides very little other than national markings and very basic airframe detail.

Review and images by Chris St Clair