Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Balkan Models
Decal Sheet ID BM-7211
Decal Sheet Title Final Flight Over The Balkans
Types Featured Sea Harrier FRS1, F-16C, OA-10A, F-117A

Balkan Models is not a manufacturer typically associated with USAF subjects, but this release is varied and interesting, covering aircraft which were downed or damaged during the wars over the Bankans during the 1990s. The following airframes are covered:-

  • F-16C-40D 88-0550 from the 555th FS based at Aviano AB during 1999. Two-tone grey scheme (FS36118 & FS36270) with AV tailcode and large bird in black, white and grey on the fin;
  • F-16C-40E 89-2032 from the 555th FS based at Aviano AB during 1995. Three tone grey scheme (FS36118, FS36270 & FS36375);
  • OA-10A 81-0967 from the 47th FS, 23rd Wg based at Pope AFB, North Carolina during 1999. Two tone grey scheme (FS36270 & FS36375) black "FT" tailcodes, blue fin cap containing a white lightning flash, full color shark mouth and cat's head on the engine nacelle; and
  • F-117A 82-0806 from the 7th FS, 49th Wg based at Holloman AFB, Texas during 1999. Black overall with light grey "HO" tailcodes, markings and fin flash containing "Screamin' Demons".

The instructions comprise an A3 sheet folded down to A5, with full colour 4 views of each color scheme, together with left and right side views of each aircraft. Color details are provided. although they are a little difficult to read as the color chart is on the back of the instructions rather than being with the color schemes themselves.

The decals themselves are beautifully printed and in perfect register. A single set of stencils are provided for each type, so a second set would need to be sourced for the F-16Cs.

Overall, a great sheet with some interesting subjects.

Review and images by Chris St Clair