Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Decals Carpena
Decal Sheet ID 72.70
Decal Sheet Title Desert Storm / Daguet
Types Featured Jaguar A, SA342M Gazelle, Mirage F1-CH, A-10A, RF-4C, Puma HC.Mk 1

Sheet 72.70 from Decals Carpena features a number of subjects from Desert Storm, including an A-10A from the 511th TFS and an RF-4C from the 106th TRS.

The following subjects are featured:-

  • Sepecat Jaguar A A139 "11-EV" from Escadron de chasse 1/11 "Roussillon" based at Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia during Operation Daguet (Desert Storm). This aircraft was painted in a three tone scheme comprising Sable Jaune Clair (similar to FS30277) and Sable Jaune Clair (similar to FS30372) upper surfaces and Gris Aluminium lower surfaces
  • Aerospatiale SA342M Gazelle 4211 "CWX" from 1r, 3°, 5° Regiment d'Helicopteres de Combat, Aviation Legere de l'Armee de Terre (ALAT) based at Yanbu, Saudi Arabia during Operation Daguet (Desert Storm). Three tone scheme of Vert Pre (FS34151), Brun Terre (FS31099) and Noir Mat (Matt Black);
  • AMD Mirage F1-CH 627 "33-NI" from Escadron de reconnaissance 2/33 "Savoie" based at Al Ahsa AB, Saudi Arabia during Operation Daguet (Desert Storm). This aircraft was painted in a three-tone scheme of Sable Jaune Clair (FS30277), Sable Jaune Clair (FS30372) and Gris Bleu Clair (FS36270);
  • A-10A 80-0194 "AR" "Freedom Warthog - To Fly, Flight, Believe" from the 511th TFS, 10th TFW based at King Fahd AB, Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm. This aircraft carried the standard three-tone scheme of FS34092, FS34102 and FS36081 with black tailcodes and a black fin flash outlined in white, containing a white "Vultures" script;
  • RF-4C 65-0843 "BH" from the 106th TRS, 117th TRW, Alabama ANG based at Sheikh Isa AB, Saudi Sarabia during Operation Desert Storm. This carried the standard scheme of FS36118 and FS36270 over FS36375 with dark grey tailcodes and a black/white/red sharkmouth;
  • Westland Puma HC.Mk1 XW224 from the RAF Composite Squadron based at Ras al Ghar, Saudi Arabia during Operation Granby (Desert Storm). This aircraft was painted overall Desert Pink (FS30279).

The instructions comprise 2 sides of black-and-white photocopy which are unfortunately a poor copy and difficult to read, as well as being a mixture of French and English, although the details can be made out. A left-hand-side view is provided for each type, with smaller upper surface scheme diagrams where needed.

The sheet is in good register and is very thin, containing the major markings and a small selection of stencils.

Review by Chris St Clair