Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Cutting Edge
Decal Sheet ID CED72214
Decal Sheet Title
Types Featured SR-71A/B, YF-12A

A much-awaited release from Cutting Edge, this covers 14 different SR-71A/B and YF-12A Blackbirds The decals are very thin with minimal carrier film and the registration seems to be spot on. The airframes covered are:-

  • SR-71A 61-79xx Habu - this was an SR-71A nose with the HABU markings applied. The only photograph shows the nose mounted on a maintenance stand in a hangar in the mid-1980's - you thus could potentially apply it to any SR-71 from that time period;
  • SR-71A 71-7958, with the Habu in chalk and applied by A1C Ward Stucker (time period unknown);
  • SR-71A 61-7952, Skull & Crossbones, with the artwork being slightly different on each side;
  • SR-71A 61-7971, "Spuds MacKenzie", again chalked on by A1C Ward Stucker in the mid 1980's;
  • SR-71A 61-7972, Charlie's Problem - this airframe is now on display in the Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC, although not with these specific markings;
  • SR-71A 61-7974, "Ichi Ban" with a number of mission markings, one of 4 Blackbirds to make the initial deployment to OL-8 at Kadena in 1968;
  • SR-71A 61-7976, Snarling Cat, with a cat logo on the outside fin faces. The cat logos are different on each side;
  • SR-71A 61-7978, "Rapid Rabbit", which flew combat missions over North Vietnam and SEA around the same time as Ichi Ban. It may have carried the same "Habu" mission markings as found on Ichi Ban;
  • SR-71A 61-7980, "Rosemary's Baby San", from a photograph dated 18 September 1969;
  • SR-71A 61-7962 "RIP", marked to represent dissatisfaction with the Air Force's decision to retire the Blackbird fleet ;
  • SR-71A 61-7974, Leprechaun (formerly "Ichi Ban" during the Vietnam War;
  • SR-71A 61-7979, "Night Hawk", drawn in chalk by A1C Pam Engelbrecht, with different logos on each side;
  • SR-71A 61-7980, with Farewell Dartboard which is reputed to be Det 4's logo and was applied to the outboard surface of each vertical fin;
  • SR-71B 61-7956, Gumby, drawn on the right fin only by Sgt Robert Strouse. At a later date, the words "IROC at 3+" were added to the left fin, although no photograph of this seems to exist;
  • YF-12A 60-6936, Record Flights with 3 silhouettes painted below the canopy of YF-12A's to commemorate the three world records earned by the YF-12A in May 1965.

For each airframe, Cutting Edge include a side view with details of where individual markings are placed and a top view to show where walkways etc are located. All drawings are in full color.

They also make reference to the fact that airframes with the low visibility (red) markings did not have any national insignia applied to the fuselage or wings.

Additionally, for each airframe, Cutting Edge provide a details of the markings for each airframe (although little more detailed than above), and also note that the serial numbers noted in Aerofax Minigraph #1 was incorrect in noting the SR-71 serial numbers as being in the 64-1XXXX range; they were actually in the 61-7XXX range.

A very nice sheet!

Review by Chris St Clair