Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
ID 72-017
Title Hunter, Hornets & Strikes
Types Featured A-10C, NEA-18G, F-15E, F-18C, WC-130J, C-141A

Sheet 72-017 from Wolfpak Decals covers a wide range of subjects, including the A-10C, F-15E, WC-130J and C-141A:-

  • A-10C 81-0975 from the 107th FS, 127th FW based at Selfridge AFB during 2009.  Painted in the standard 2-tone grey scheme of FS36320 and FS36375
  • NEA-18G 166642 from VX-31 Dust Devis during 2009
  • F-15E 90-0228 from the 333rd FS, 4th FW based at Seymour Johnson AFB during 2007 and painted in the standard Gunship Grey scheme (FS36118)
  • F-15E 87-0171, also from the 333rd FS, 4th FW based at Seymour Johnson AFB during 2007
  • F-18C 165225 VF-131 based on USS Dwight D Eisenhower during 2003
  • WC-130J 96-5300 from the 53rd WRS, 403rd Wg, 22nd AF AFRC based at Keesler AFB during 2007.  The aircraft is painted overall AMC Grey (FS36173)
  • C-141A-LM 67-0021 "Grey Ghost" from the 438th AW based at McGuire AFB during 1978, painted in an experimental camouflage scheme 

    As usual, the sheet is well printed with everything in register, the decal film itself is thin and there is very little overlap of film.  Instructions follow the usual standard for Wolfpak, with a front sheet containing colour side views of each airframe, black and white camouflages schemes, and several pages of additional reference and colour details for modellers.

    Review by Chris St Clair