Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
ID 72-018
Title Working the Sands
Types Featured F-16CG, A-10A, F-16CJ, F-16DJ, AH-64A, AH-1F, Mil-17, AC-130H, E-8A, C-141B

Sheet 72-018 from Wolfpak Decals covers a wide range of subjects, including the F-16CG, A-10A, F-16CJ, F-16DJ, AC-130H, E-8A and C-141B:-

  • F-16CG Block 40J 90-0745 from the 18th FS, 354th FW during OIEF 2001-2002, painted in the standard 2-tone scheme of FS36118 and FS36270
  • F-16CG Block 40F 89-2074, again from the 18th FS during the same time period
  • A-10A 79-0119 from the 303rd FS, 442nd FW based at Bagram AFB during Spring 2008 and painted in the standard 2-tone scheme of FS36320 and FS36375
  • AH-64A 94-0322 from the South Carolina ARNG, Task Force 1-151, 25th Infantry Division
  • AH-1F 67-15643 from N Troop, 4th Squadron, 2nd ACR during Desert Storn 2001
  • F-16CJ Block 52P 92-3902 from the 157th FS, 169th FW during OEF 2003, painted in the standard 2-tone scheme
  • F-16DJ Block 52P 92-3924, again from the 157th FS during the same time period
  • E-8A N770JS from the 4411th J-Stars Squadron (Provisional) during Desert Storm 1991.  Painted in an unusual scheme of FS36801, FS36375 and FS36270
  • Mil-17 Hip (registration unknown) as used by the CIA and painted in a colour close to FS30371
  • AC-130H 69-6572 from the 16th SOS, 16th SOW during OIEF 2003
  • C-141B SOLL II 64-0630 from the 16th AS, 437th AW at Charleston AFB, SC during 1998 and painted overall AMC Grey (FS36173)

    As usual, the sheet is well printed with everything in register, the decal film itself is thin and there is very little overlap of film.  Instructions follow the usual standard for Wolfpak, with a front sheet containing colour side views of each airframe, black and white camouflages schemes, and several pages of additional reference and colour details for modellers.

    Review by Chris St Clair