Scale 1/48
Manufacturer Afterburner Decals
ID 48-055
Title USAF Armaments Set - Missiles and Pods
Types Featured AIM-120C, AGM-88, AIM-9X, AIM-9M, AGM-65D, AGM-65G, AN/ALQ-131, AN/ALQ-184, AN/AAQ-113, AN-AAQ-14, AN/AAQ-28, AN/AAQ-33, AN/APX-95

This is a fantastically useful sheet from Afterburner.  Whilst it is not to 1/72nd scale, it is a good reference source as it contains details of markings for the above missiles and pods.

The sheet is beautifully printed in perfect register and even includes silver sections as and where required!

The instructions are printed in color and clearly identify where each marking should go.  Now all we need is to pursuade Afterburner to downscale the sheet!

Review by Chris St Clair