Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Afterburner Decals
Decal Sheet ID AD48-041
Decal Sheet Title Double Ugly II - SEA & EURO1 Seymour Johnson Phantoms
Types Featured F-4E

Another excellent sheet from Afterburner, this focusses on F-4Es from the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing, based at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.  This is sheet #2, as sheet #1 covered Hill Grey aircraft.

Whilst it is a pity this sheet is only available in 1/48th scale, it is a very useful reference!  It covers the following 9 airframes:-

  • F-4E 73-1176 as it appeared for Gunsmoke 1985. The aircraft is in wraparound EURO1 with the "SJ" tailcode outlined in white and a 3 colored band on the fin. This is an ARN-101 equipped airframe which also has TISEO

  • F-4E 73-1168 marked as the 4th TFW's "Boss Bird" during 1987. It has a blue/yellow/green band on the fin, an italicised "SJ" outlined in white and "4 TFW" on the fin outlined in white. This aircraft also has a black nose which stretches all the way back to the front canopy. Again, this is an ARN-101/TISEO airframe, painted in wrap-around EURO1

  • F-4E 66-0295 marked as the 337th TFS CO's aircraft during 1984 - with red fin stripe, black SJ on the fine and "Wicked Wanda" marked on the LH canopy frame. This aircraft also had a red/white stripe on the fuselage and is painted in standard EURO1

  • F-4E 67-0232 of the 337th TFS - this airframe is a MiG killer and has a red star on the LH splitter, red fin stripe and black "SJ" on the fin.  Again, it is painted in standard EURO1

  • F-4E 74-1649 of the 336th TFS, marked as the CO's aircraft with a yellow fin flash and yellow/white stripe on the fuselage, and black "SJ" on the fin. This is another ARN-101/TISEO airframe painted in EURO1

  • F-4E 74-1040 marked as the 4th TFW CO's aircraft, painted in the wraparound SEA scheme. It has a small black "SJ" on the fin outlined in white and a large "4" also outlined in white.  On the fuselage is a blue/green/yellow/red stripe outlined in white.  This is another ARN-101/TISEO aircraft

  • F-4E 67-0283 of the 337th TFS painted in wraparound SEA with a red fin flash and standard black markings.  This aircraft carries drone kill markings below the cockpit canopy and is depicted as it was during 1985

  • F-4E 73-1180 marked for Red Flag 1981. The aircraft is in SEA with grey undersides, standard black markings and a black fin cap. It also has a black/white chequered fin and is an ARN-101/TISEO airframe

  • F-4E 72-1142 also from Red Flag 1981.  This aircraft is marked identically to 73-1180 but carries a blue fin with white polka dots

The decals are produced by Cartograph and are prefectly in register and nicely glossy. 2 sets of stencils and walkways are provided and the instructions (in full color) provide both a stencil guide and a painting guide, even down to the difference between the 2 versions of the SEA scheme!

A very nice sheet, and well worth having! 

Article by Chris St Clair