Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Xtradecal
ID X72103
Title B-57 Canberra Part 2
Types Featured B-57B, RB-57E, WB-57C, B-57G

This is the second B-57 Canberra sheet from Xtradecal and covers 4 variants - the B-57B, RB-57E, WB-57C and B-57G.  The airframes covered are as follows:-

  • RB-57E 55-4245, one of the "Patricia Lynn" aircraft from Det 1, 460th TRW based at Tan Son Nhut AB, Vietnam during 1970.  The aircraft is in overall matt black with red walkways and white tailcodes.  This aircraft could be built using the Airfix kit, or from the Italeri kit using the nose from the Airfix kit
  • WB-57C 53-3944 which was part of Project Clean Sweep III during 1964.  The aircraft was overall natural metail with black anti-glare panel, tip tanks and aft fuselage.  The instructions recommend converting the Italeri B-57G as no conversion for the WB-57C is available
  • B-57B 52-1574 from the 71st BS, 38th BW based at Laon, France during 1957.  The aircraft is overall gloss black with red fin and rudder and red markings
  • B-57B 52-1567 "PV" from the 13th BS, 35th TFW from Phan Rang AB, Vietnam, 1967.  South East Asian Scheme of Dark Green (FS34079), Medium Green (FS34102), Tan (FS30219) with black undersides (FS37038).  White tailcodes and all other markings in black
  • B-57G 52-1588 "FK" from the 13th BS, 8th TFW based at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand during 1971.  The aircraft is in the standard SEA scheme with white tailcodes and all other markings in black.

The sheet is well printed with everything in register, the decal film itself is thin and there is very little overlap of film.

The instructions are printed in color and comprise left and right views (where needed)  together with upper surface diagrams, color details and additional references.

Review by Chris St Clair