Scale 1/48
Manufacturer IPMS USA / Bullseye
Decal Sheet ID IPMS 2021
Decal Sheet Title 2021 IPMS/USA National Convention - The Very Best of the West
Types Featured A-7D, F-4D, F-4E, F-5E, F-15C, F-16A


Each year, the IPMS USA produces a decal sheet for their National Convention, given out free to all attendees. For 2021, the sheet (in 1/48) provides markings for various types operated out of Nellis AFB. The aircraft featured are:

  • F-15C-33-MC 82-0013 from the USAF Tactical Weapons School during 1984, painted in the two-tone Compass Ghost Grey scheme comprising FS36320 and FS36375. Markings were predominantly black, with "WA TFTC" tail codes and a black-and-yellow chequered fin band;
  • F-16A 80-0474 from the 429th TFS, 474th TFW during 1981, painted in the original three-tone grey scheme comprising Gunship Grey FS36118, Neutral Grey FS36270 and Light Compass Ghost Grey FS36375. It wore black "NA"  tailcodes with "474 TFW" on the lower fin. On the rudder were blue/yellow/red bands representing the three squadrons in the 474th TFW. There are multiple errors in the instruction sheet which refers to this aircraft incorrectly as 80-0747 and also states it as being with the 430th TFS. Furthermore the identification block decal also identifies it as being 80-0747;
  • F-4D-29-MC 66-7496 from the 430th TFS, 474th TFW during 1980. It wore the South East Asian scheme, comprising Dark Green FS34079, Medium Green FS34102 and Tan FS30219 upper surfaces with Light Grey FS36622 lower surfaces. It carried black "NA" tailcodes with "474 TFW" on the fin, together with a blue/yellow/red horizontally-striped tail fin cap. The cockpit surround was also painted with horizontal blue/yellow/red stripes. The instructions may also be incorrect as they refer to the aircraft as belonging to the 430th TFS but in 1980 it was actually assigned to the 428th TFS;
  • A-7D-3-CV 68-8225 from the 4524th FWS, 49th FWW during 1969, also painted in the South East Asian scheme. Light grey "WA" tailcodes are provided although the instructions show the tailcode as being white. The aircraft did carry a black and yellow chequered rudder;
  • F-4E 68-0414 from the 414th CTS, 57th FWW during 1981, again painted in the South East Asian scheme.  Tailcode was "WA" in light grey together with a black-and-yellow chequered tailcap, although the instructions show the tailcode as being white;
  • F-5E 74-1557 from the 64th AS, 57th FWW during 1981. The aircraft wore the blue scheme, comprising FS35164, FS35190 and FS35414. It carried red "57" bort numbers on the nose and "57TH" in black on the fin together with a black-and-yellow chequered fin band. The instructions incorrectly refer to this aircraft as 64-1569. 

The sheet was designed by Bullseye and printed by Cartograf in perfect register. Minimal stencils (primarily stars'n'bars) are provided so the remainder will need to be sourced from the kit or an alternative.

Instructions are full colour and comprise left and right views of each aircraft, plus upper and lower camouflage diagrams.

Whilst a pity that this sheet was only produced in 1/48, it is highly recommended if you can find a copy, even given the errors in the instructions.

Review and images by Chris St Clair