Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Aircraft In Miniature / Transport Wings
Kit ID 72-18-002
Type KC-10

Aircraft In Miniatures has been offering the KC-10A kit since about the mid to late 1990s. Unfortunately stocks ran out at the beginning of the new milenium.

Instead of simply re-releasing the kit as is, AIM improved it. It now features resin engines and pilons, etched brass dteails, and various resin NACA inlets which should make this kit even more attractive to to a wider modeller base. The kit also features a brass template for scribbing various fatures like hatches etc. There are also decals for both the white and grey delivery scheme or a later light grey scheme. The decal sheet offers a lot of markings for hatches and stencils etc. The original kit already featured white metal landing gear and refueling system. The price does nudge up to nearly GBP 200, but you would be hard pressed to call it just a vacuform kit.

The modeller will have to make some serious efforts. While the fuselage and wings are cut out from the backing maerial, further sanding, at least on the wings, is required. There is no provision for a cockpit, other than a decal, and one would have to create numerous wing spars and landing gear bays to complete it.

We can only recommend this kit, not only because it is unlikely anyone else will ever offer an other KC-10A Kit in this scale, but because so much effort was made to improve the original product.

Review and photographs by Alex Hunger