Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-118
Decal Sheet Title Shamal
Types Featured EF-111A, L-39C, F-16C, HC-130J, MC-130J

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Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-118 "Shamal" covers a wide range of aircraft including an EF-111A from the 42d ECS during Desert Storm, an L-39C from ATAC during 2018, an F-16C from the 482d FW and two C-130s - an HC-130J from the 23rd Wg and an MC-130J from the 352d SOW at RAF Mildenhall.

The aircraft are:

  • EF-111A  66-0016 from the 42d ECS during Desert Storm in 1991. It carried the standard scheme for the type - FS36320 upper surfaces with FS36495 fuselage and lower surfaces. It carried grey "UH" tailcodes and serial number with "BLACK JACK" nose art.
  • L-39C N216AX operated by ATAC at Point Mugu NAS in February 2018. It carried a three-tone gloss brown scheme (FS17769, FS10095 and FS10032) with markings in black, limited to the ATAC logo on the fin, N216AX on the rear fuselage and a small US flag on the fin tip.
  • F-16C 85-1438 from the 93rd FS, 482nd FW at Homestead AFB in May 2017. It carried the standard two-tone grey scheme comprising FS36118 Gunship Grey over FS36270 Neutral Grey with all markings in contrasting greys. On the fin tip was "HOMESTEAD", with a large 10th Air Force emblem on the upper fin. It carried "FM" tailcodes with "10th AF" below. On the fin base was the serial and "Makos" in script.. The intake also carried black/grey chequers.
  • HC-130J 11-5725 from the 71st RQS, 347th RQG, 23rd Wg at Moody AFB in May 2016. It was painted in the standard Special Operations scheme comprising FS36118 Gunship Grey upper surfaces with FS36293 lower surfaces. All markings were in contrasting grey and comprised "FT" tailcodes, ACC emblem on the upper fin and "5725" on the nose.
  • MC-130J 13-5778 from the 67th RQS, 352d SOW at RAF Mildenhall during 2016. It was painted identically to 11-5725 but did not carry tailcodes or emblems.

Instructions follow the standard format for Wolfpak - colour side views of each type, black and white camouflage scheme drawings and full unit history, weapons loadout and colour information for each type. The decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop.

Review and images by Chris St Clair