Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-093
Decal Sheet Title Jammin'
Types Featured F-100F, B-1B, EB-66E, EC-135C, EC-135G

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Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-093 "Jammin'" provides markings for a range of subjects, including an EF-100F, B-1B from the 28th BW, two EB-66Es, an EC-135C and an EC-135G. The aircraft are:

  • F-100F-20-NA 58-1221 from Det 1 of the 6234th TFW at Korat RTAFB during Ferbruary 1966, modified as one of the first Wild Weasel aircraft. It wore the South East Asian scheme comprising FS34079, FS34102 and FS30219 upper surfaces with FS36622 lower surfaces;
  • B-1B 86-0115 from the 34th BS, 28th BW at Ellsworth AFB during September 1988. It was painted in the Strategic Camouflage scheme - FS36081 and FS34086 upper surfaces with FS36118 lower surfaces. All markings were in light grey and the aircraft carried an orange/blue tail stripe  and large "Top Secret" nose art;
  • EB-66E 54-520 from the 19th TECS at Kadena AB during 1970. It wore the South East Asian scheme with white "ZT" tailcodes;
  • EB-66E 54-531 from the 39th TEWS at Spangdahlem AB during August 1972, painted similarly to 54-520 but with white "SP" tailcodes and a medium green fin cap;
  • EC-135C 62-3581 from the 2nd ACCS, 55th SRW at Offut AFB during 1991. This aircraft carried the standard scheme comprising Boeing Grey (similar to FS16515) with Insignia White (FS17875) upper surfaces. It wore a SAC flash on the fuselage above the wings and was equipped with a MILSTAR dome on the forward fuselage;
  • EC-135G 63-8001 from the 70th AREFS, 305th AREFW at Grissom AFB during 1989. Painted identically to 62-3581, this aircraft carried a large black/white chequered tail band and a large "Pacesetters" badge on both sides of the fin in addition to a SAC band on the fuselage and nose art.

Decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop and are in good register, with instructions providing a side view of each type, full history, weapons loadout and painting details, and small camouflage drawings.

Review and images by Chris St Clair