Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-080
Decal Sheet Title "A Flash of Lightning"
Types Featured RF-84F, F-5E, C-123K

Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-080 "A Flash of Lightning" provides markings for a range of aircraft, including an F-5E from the 57th FWW, RF-84F from the 32d TRS and two C-123Ks. The aircraft are:

  •  F-5E 73-0897 from the 57th FWW at Nellis AFB during 1981. This aircraft carried a modified version of the South East Asian scheme, comprising FS34052, FS34102 and FS30219 upper surfaces with FS36622 lower surfaces. It carried a "standard" 57th Wing fin stripe with yellow and black chequers. All other markings were in black.
  • C-123K 54-593 "WE" from the 19th ACS, 315th SOW based at Phan Rang AFB during 1968. It was painted FS34079, FS34102 and FS30219 upper surfaces with FS36622 lower surfaces. Tail codes and serials were white.
  • C-123K 54-633 from the 731st TAS, 901st TAG based at Westover AFB during 1979. This was also painted in the South East Asian scheme with a blue fin band, outlined in yellow and containing "AFRES" in white.
  • RF-84F-25-RE 52-7292 "FS-292" from the 32d TRS based at Spangdahlem AB during 1957. This was overall natural metal with yellow flashes on the tail and fuel tanks, outlined in black and containing white stars. The "U.S.AIR FORCE" on the nose should be Insignia Blue but is produced in black.

Wolfpak provide side views of each aircraft in colour, and small black-and-white 3-views for the camouflage schemes. The decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop in good register.

Whilst not the most colorful of subjects, markings for these subjects are sparse so this sheet is highly welcome.

Review and images by Chris St Clair

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