Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Xtradecal
Decal Sheet ID X72-164
Decal Sheet Title Convair F-102A Delta Dagger USAFE
Types Featured F-102A

Xtradecal Sheet X72-164 provides markings for four USAFE F-102As  

  • F-102A 56-1237 (Case X wing) from the 526th FIS, USAFE based at Ramstein AB, Germany circa 1960-61. This carried a red/white diagonally striped fin and red airbrake with a red and white striped band on the upper forward fuselage and a heavily weathered radome. It carried black "FC-237" on the fuselage and nose art comprising "LT COL R J RANKIN COMMANDER" on the nose in black above a pair of red F-102 outlines with white exhausts. This aircraft was flown by the Squadron Commander, Lt Col R J Rankin;
  • F-102A 56-1405 (Case XX wing) from the 496th FIS, USAFE based at Hahn AB, Germany during the early 1960s. This carried diagonal black and yellow stripes on the fin and a black airbrake. It also carried a yellow/black striped ban on the forward fuselage and black "FC-405" buzz numbers, together with yellow outer wing fences;
  • F-102A 56-1032 (Case X wing) from the 32d FIS, 86 Air Division (Defense), USAFE based at Soesterberg AB, Netherlands on 17 August 1965. This carried a green fin band, outlined in white and containing the 32d FIS insignia on the port side and the 86th AD badge on the starboard side. It carried a red/white/blue stripe (front to rear) on the upper fuselage behind the cockpit, together with black tail numbers and "FC-032" buzz numbers. It also carried red outer wing fences;
  • F-102A 56-1086 (Case X wing) from the 525th FIS, 86 Air Division (Defense), USAFE based at Bitburg AB, Germany on 16 August 1965. It carried a blue fin band outlined in white and containing the 525th FIS emblem on the port side and the 86th AD badge on the starboard side. It carried black tailcodes and black "FC-086" buzz numbers with red outer wing fences and a blue flash on the outside of the wing tanks.

All aircraft were painted overall Air Defence Command Grey (FS16473). Xtracolor provide left and right side views of each aircraft, plus upper and lower schemes for stencilling, with basic stencils being provided for a single aircraft.

The decals are printed by Microscale and are in good register. However, the blue of the Stars'n'bars and USAF markings appears too light.

All in all a very useful sheet which fills a gap in available F-102 markings.

Review and images by Chris St Clair