Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Two Bobs
Decal Sheet ID 72-104
Decal Sheet Title Baby Got Fullback Aggressors
Types Featured F-16C

Two Bobs Decals sheet 72-104 provides markings for three F-16Cs from the 57th WG in two of the newer aggressor schemes - "Shark" and "Blue Splinter".

  • F-16C-32 86-0272 "WA" in a three tone scheme known as "Shark", comprising FS37270 and FS36118 upper surfaces with FS35450 lower surfaces and a dark (almost black) radome;
  • F-16C-32 83-0158 "WA" painted in the "Blue Splinter" scheme comprising FS36270, FS36251, FS35109 and FS36628;
  • F-16C 85-0418 "WA", also painted in the "Blue Sprinter" scheme.

All aircraft are from the 64th AS, 57th Wg based at Nellis AFB during March 2017.

Instructions provide four views for each in full colour. The decals are printed by Microscale in perfect register and also provide a small set of vinyl masks for panels on the spine of the aircraft.

Highly recommended for those interested in aggressor aircraft!

Review and images by Chris St Clair