Scale  1/72
Manufacturer  Cutting Edge
Decal Sheet ID  CED72209
Decal Sheet Title  B-52's #2
Types Featured  B-52D, B-52F, G-52H

Second in the line of much-awaited decals from Cutting Edge, this one covers 3 different B-52 airframes.

The decals are very thin with minimal carrier film and the registration seems to be spot on. The airframes covered are:-

  • B-52D-30-BW 56-0658 "Cong Crusher" from the 99th BW, in the standard Vietnam SEA/black scheme. This was one of the last SIOP scheme BUFFs to carry nose art;
  • B-52F-65-BW 57-0144 "Mekong Express" from the 320th BW SW, in the silver upper/black lower scheme;
  • B-52H-130-BW 60-0008 "Dear Rocky, Not To Win Is A Very Bad Thing" from the 19th BW, in the silver upper / white lower scheme. This jet participated in the 1966 (or '67) RAF bombing competition at RAF Marham and also in the SAC World Series of Bombing

For each airframe, Cutting Edge include a side view with details of where individual markings are placed and a top view to show where walkways etc are located. All drawings are in full color.

They also make reference to the specific fit out of each airframe, and this would come in handy if using either the DB or Cutting Edge resin conversion sets.

Another very nice sheet!

Review by Chris St Clair