Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Print Scale
Decal Sheet ID 72-118
Decal Sheet Title Piasecki H-21 "Shawnee"
Types Featured CH-21B

Print Scale sheet 72-118 provides markings for 10 different H-21 "Shawnees", of which 2 are USAF aircraft. The two airframes featured are:-

  • CH-21B 51-15875 based at Okino, Japan during 1960. It was overall natural metal with a fluorescent red-orange (FS28913) rear fuselage and tail fins. The forward fuselage featured black chequers between the side windows;
  • CH-21B 52-8684 from the 1st HS based at Washington during 1969. This aircraft was part of the presidential flight and carried a two tone scheme comprising  BAC7070 Presidential Flight Dark Blue from the tops of the side windows down and white upper surfaces with a red cheatline.

Instructions are to Print Scale's normal style, with a side view of each airframe and an additional side view and scrap view with stencil locations.

Decals comprise the main aircraft markings and a limited set of stencils (although as these are designed for Army olive drab aircraft, they are the wrong colour for the USAF aircraft. Missing are the red cheatlines for the 1st HS aircraft, and the chequers for the Okino aircraft have to be cut to fit. Finally, the "U.S. AIR FORCE" markings are incorrectly provided in black, when they should be Insignia Blue.

Review and images by Chris St Clair