Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-067
Decal Sheet Title Tophat & Tails
Types Featured F-15A ASAT, F-16CG, EF-111A, EC-130H

Wolfpak Decals 72-067 "Tophat & Tails" provides markings for an F-16C from the 56th FW, an F-15A as used to test the ASAT missile, an EF-111A from the 42 ECS during Desert Storm and an EC-130H from the 55th ECG. The aircraft are:-

  • F-16C-42K 90-0770 "LF" from the 310th FS, 56th FW based at Luke AFB during December 2005. Two tone grey scheme comprising FS36118 over FS36270 wit grey tailcodes and a black fin band, outlined in yellow, containing "TOPHATS" in yellow;
  • F-15A-17-MC 76-0084 "Celestial Eagle" from the Combined Test Force, based at Edwards AFB during September 1986. This aircraft was used for testing of the ASM-135A ASAT missile . It was painted in the two-tone Compass Ghost Grey scheme comprising Dark Ghost Grey FS36320 and Light Ghost Grey FS36375. It carried a large Combined Test Force emblem on the fin and an AFSC badge on the upper fin. It also carried a dark blue fin band, outlined in blue and containing four white "X"s. The name "CELESTIAL EAGLE" was carried in black script on the nose;
  • EF-111A 66-0050 "UH" "Mistress of Deception" from the 42d ECS during Desert Storm (February 1991). It carried the standard scheme of FS36320 over FS36495 with tail codes and serials in dark grey;
  • EC-130H 73-1592 "DM" from the 41st ECS, 55th ECG, based at Davis Monthan AFB during January 2006. It was painted overall FS36173 with black tailcodes outlined in white. It also carried a blue fin stripe, outlined in yellow and containing a yellow scorpion.

My decals came from Fantasy Printshop but I forgot to download the additional instructions, so I only have the single sheet provided, which contains a side view of each aircraft and camouflage schemes, although the "full" instructions contain history, color notes and weapons loadouts for each aircraft.

As always, the decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop in perfect register.

A recommended sheet!

Review and images by Chris St Clair