Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-060
Decal Sheet Title Black Ops
Types Featured F-15A, A-7D, UH-1H, CH-3B, MQ-9A

Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-060 "Black Ops" contains markings for F-15A, A-7D, UH-1H, CH-3B and MQ-9s. The aircraft featured are:-

  • F-15A-17-MC 76-0107 "HO" from the 8th TFS, 49th TFW based at Holloman AFB, New Mexico during July 1979. The aircraft was painted in the two tone Compass Ghost Grey scheme, comprising Dark Compass Ghost Grey FS36320 and Light Compass Ghost Grey (FS36375). It carried back "HO" tailcodes with yellow fin flashes. TAC badges were carried on the fin with wing badges on the inlets;
  • A-7D-7-CV 70-0959 "MN" from the 356th TFS, 354th TFW based at Myrtle Beach AFB during November 1971. This aircraft carried the South East Asian scheme, comprising Dark Green FS34079, Medium Green FS34102 and Tan FS30219 upper surfaces with Light Grey FS36622 undersurfaces. The "MN" tailcode and serial nunbers were white with TAC badges on the fin, squadron badge on the left side behind the canopy and wing badge on the right. The aircraft also carried a blue fin stripe;
  • UH-1H "XW-PFJ" from Air America during 1969. Overall aluminum lacquer with the engines, upper and rear boom painted FS35044 and "AIR AMERICA" in blue italicised script on the boom;
  • CH-3B 62-12573 based at Hickam AFB, Hawaii during 1970. Overall aluminum lacquer with a gloss black underside;
  • A-7D-8-CV 70-0970 "MB" from the 356th TFS, 354th TFW based at Korat RTAFB during November 1972. This aircraft carried the standard SEA scheme with tail codes and serial numbers in white, TAC badge on the fin and wing badge on both sides of the fuselage;
  • MQ-9 08-4053 "HO" from the 29th AS, 49th Wing based at Holloman AFB during October 2012. This carried a two tone grey scheme, comprising FS36375 upper surfaces with FS36176 lower surfaces. "HO" tailcodes and markings in black with a red tail band.

Instructions comprise a side view for each aircraft and small black-and-white views to show camouflage schemes. Normally, Wolfpak provide full information for each aircraft featured, but my sheet came from Fantasy Printshop and none of the additional information was provided. Unfortunately, this sheet is now out of production so it is impossible to obtain the missing instructions - black marks to Fantasy Printshop here!

Decals are in perfect register as always.

Another recommended sheet from Wolfpak!

Review and images by Chris St Clair