Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Print Scale
Decal Sheet ID 71-150
Decal Sheet Title Convair F-102 Delta Dagger Part 2
Types Featured F-102A

Print Scale sheet 72-150 provides markings for seven different F-102As. The aircraft featured are:-

  • F-102A-65-CO 56-1144 (Case X) FC-144 from the 95th FIS based at Andrews AFB, Maryland during 1958. Overall Air Defence Command Grey (FS16473) with the 95th FIS emblem on the tail;
  • F-102A-60-CO 56-1103 (Case X) FC-103 from the 86th FIS based at Youngstown Municipal Airport, Ohio during 1957-1960. Overall ADC Grey. No unit markings were carried, but noseart was present;
  • F-102A-80-CO 56-1444 (Case XX) FC-444 from the 326th FIS based at Richards-Gebaur AFB, Missouri during 1957-1958. This was painted overall ADC Grey. It carried a diagonal yellow flash outlined in blue on the fin with the squadron emblem overlaid. It also had yellow wing fences and a yellow radome;
  • F-102A-55-CO 56-1009 (Case X) FC-009 from the 48th FIS based at Langley AFB, Virginia during 1959. Overall ADC Grey  with a white fin, rudder and upper airbrake containing green stars and the 48th FIS logo. Red fin fences were carried, together with two black diagonal bands on the rear fuselage, outlined in white (this is in error as the bands should be in the same green as the stars);
  • F-102A-41-CO 55-3377 (Case X) FC-377 from the 16th FIS based at Naha AFB, Okinawa during 1959. Overall ADC Grey with blue wing fences and a Japanese emblem on the nose. The fin contained a thick band of black and which chequers outlined in blue and containing the 16th FIS emblem;
  • F-102A-95-CO 57-892 (Case XX) FC-892 from the 82nd FIS based at Travis AFB, Texas during 1964. Overall ADC Grey with the squadron emblem on the fi and a white radome;
  • F-102A-80-CO 56-1444 (Case XX) "PK" from the 509th TFS based at Da Nang AFB, South Vietnam during 1968. This was in the South East Asian scheme, comprising FS34079 Dark Green, FS34102 Medium Green and FS30219 Tan upper surfaces with FS36622 Light Grey lower surfaces. The "PK" tailcode and serial numbers were white with "AF 061" in black.

As usual with Print Scale, the decals are well printed but there are some errors, mainly due to a lack of research on the part of Print Scale. The "USAF and "U.S.AIR FORCE" markings should be Insignia Blue, but are provided in black, and (as mentioned above) the bands on the 48th FIS aircraft should be green but are provided in black. The decals themselves come on two sheets - one for the individual aircraft and a second sheet providing stencil data for a single aircraft.

Instructions comprise a side view for each airframe, an incomplete camouflage diagram for the SEA-painted aircraft (right side and upper surfaces only) and a separate three view showing stencil locations.

This sheet has its' good and bad points, but does provide markings for units not available anywhere else.

Review and images by Chris St Clair.