Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-057
Decal Sheet Title Shadows Of The Knight
Types Featured F-16C, AC-130U

Wolfpak sheet 72-057 covers mainly non-USAF subjects but does cover two USAF subjects - an F-16C from the DC ANG and an AC-130U:-

  • F-16C-30A 85-1477 "DC" from the 121st FS, District of Columbia ANG during March 2008. This carried the standard two tone grey scheme of FS36118 over FS36270. It carried black "DC" tail codes and a styllised "121 FS" logo in black, outlined in grey, and a black tail stripe containing "District of Columbia" in white;
  • AC-130U 89-0512 from the 16th SOS during Operation "Iraqi Freedom", March 2003. This carried the standard two tone grey "gunship" scheme comprising FS 36118 over FS36293 with all markings in the lighter grey. it also carried "Dead On" nose art.

As usual, the sheet is produced by Fantasy Printshop and is in perfecrt register. Instructions comprise a side view of each aircraft, black and white camouflage drawings and full history and weapons load information.

Review and images by Chris St Clair