Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-055
Decal Sheet Title Beeps And Squeeks
Types Featured EA-18G, U-2R/S, RV-1D/OV-1D, Mirage IV, EP-3E

Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-055 provides a number of interesting markings, including U-2R and U-2S aircraft from the 9th SRW:-

  • U-2S 80-1070 from the 99th SRS based at Beale AFB during January 2003. This aircraft was configured with the ASARS-II nose, "Senior Spear" lower fuselage "canoe" with a large farm of antennas and the CSPAN radome on the upper fuselage. It was painted overall matt black with all markings in Insignia Red including "BB" tailcodes and a red fin flash containing black iron crosses;
  • U-2R 80-1096 "BB" from the 5th SRS based at Osan AB during 1992. This aircraft carried the "Senior Spear" canoe, CSPAN radome and lower fuselage antenna array. It was also overall black with red markings - no tailcodes were carried but the aircraft had a large stylised cat on the tail.

As is customary for Wolfpak, the instructions comprise a color side view for each aircraft and full history and painting instructions. There is an error on the sheet though - the serial numbers for 80-1096 are incorrectly provided as "80196".

A useful sheet for the Rareplanes or Special Hobby kits!

Review and images by Chris St Clair