Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Fundekals
Decal Sheet ID  
Decal Sheet Title Convair F-102A Delta Dagger Part 2
Types Featured F-102A


The initial set of Fündekals sheets provided markings for a number of F-102s with the CASE X wing, with each sheet providing markings for one aircraft. This sheet follows a different approach, with markings for five different aircraft featuring a mixture of CASE X and CASE XX wings. The aircraft featured are as follows:-

  • F-102A-75-CO 56-1333 “FC-333” from the 318th FIS based at McChord AFB during 1958-60. It carried a large black outlined yellow disk, yellow wing fences and dark green speed brakes (approximately FS14913). FC-333” was carried in black on the rear fuselage. This aircraft featured the CASE XX wing;
  • F-102A-75-CO 56-1321 from the 57th FIS based at NAS Keflavik during 1969. This was painted overall Aluminum Lacquer carried “Arctic” markings, comprising Dayglo Red (FS28915) fin, speed brakes and outer wing-tips. The rudder was white/black chequers and the pitot probe was also Dayglo Red. This was also a CASE XX winged aircraft;
  • F-102A-45-CO 55-3417 “FC-417” from the 4780th ADW based at Perrin AFB, Texas during 1965. This had the CASE X wing and carried a white fin band outlined in black containing red and blue flashes. “FC-417” was in black on the rear fuselage;
  • F-102A-80-CO 56-1436 “PK” from the 509th FIS based at Da Nang AB, Vietnam during 1968. This aircraft carried the four tone South East Asian Scheme, comprising FS34079 Dark green, FS34102 Medium Green and FS30219 Tan upper surfaces with FS36622 Light Grey lower surfaces. “PK” and “436” tail codes were in white with “AF 56” in black. This was a CASE XX-winged aircraft and also carried a fuselage band containing multiple yellow/black stripes on the mid fuselage;
  • F-102A-55-CO 56-977 “FC-977” from the 32nd FIS based at Camp New Amsterdam, Netherlands during 1969. This was a CASE X aircraft and carried a red/white/blue striped fun, red wing fences and red/white striped pitot probe. “FC-977” in black on the rear fuselage;
  • F-102A-55-CO 56-1032 “FC-032” from the 32nd FIS during 1969. This carried later 32nd FIS markings, comprising a dark green fin band outlined in white and containing the squadron crest, red/white/blue striped speed brakes and a red/white/blue band on the mid fuselage. “FC-032” was carried in black on the rear fuselage and the aircraft had a red/white striped pitot probe. This was another CASE X aircraft.

All airframes were painted overall FS16473 ADC Grey, with the exception of 56-1436 and 56-1321.

Instructions are not provided with the decals, and are intended to be downloaded (in PDF format) from the Fündekals website. They compose five sides of A4 with left and right side views of each airframe, a color key and a summary for each airframe.

The decal sheet provides only the main markings but is in perfect register. Another recommended sheet for the Meng kit.

Review and images by Chris St Clair