Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Print Scale
Decal Sheet ID 72-134
Decal Sheet Title Sikorsky S-65 Sea Stallion Part 1
Types Featured H-53 / S-65

Very few aftermarket sheets have ever catered for the Sikorsky H-53/S-65. Sheet 72-134 from Print Scale covers seven different airframes, four of which are USAF. The airframes featured are:-

  • CH-53C 68-10926 "Knife 21" from the 21st SOS, 56th SOW and based at Kon Tang Island during 1975. Overall South East Asian Scheme comprising Dark Green (FS34079), Medium Green (FS34102), Tan (FS30219) with Light Grey (FS36622) undersides. This aircraft was quite nondescript and carried only "USAF 10926" in white on the tail boom;
  • HH-53C 68-10364 "10364" based at RAF Finningley during 1978. This was painted and marked similarly to 68-10926, the only difference being that the undersides of the fuel tanks were painted Light Grey, and the demarkation of the lower surfaces was wavy rather than straight;
  • HH-53C 68-8284 from the 67th ARRS based at RAF Woodbridge during 1978. This was overall gloss ADC Grey (FS16473) with a yellow band around the tail boom, outlined in black. The tail code was repeated on the nose in blue on a yellow hexagon outlined in yellow, and "U.S. AIR FORCE" logos were on the fuselage, together with a MAC emblem;
  • HH-53C 68-10356 assigned to the 659th TG and based at Hickham AFB, Hawaii during 1980. This carried a two tone scheme of Insignia White upper surfaces (FS17875) with ADC grey fuselage and lower surfaces (FS16473). This aircraft carried a blue cheatline on the fuselage, red cheatlines on the fuel tanks, a black star with three red flashes on the vertical tailboom, "U.S. AIR FORCE" markings on the fuselage and an AFSC badge on the fuselage.

It should be pointed out that the title of this sheet is incorrect, since none of the airframes featured are Sea Stallions!

The markings for 68-10356 are incomplete since the fuel tank markings are not included. Furthermore, the U.S. AIR FORCE markings are provided in black when they should be in Insignia Blue (FS35044).

Instructions comprise two sides of A4, with a single side view for each airframe and a RH view showing stencil markings (but no upper or LH view). The instructions do not show clearly the demarkation for 68-10356 although this is relatively easy to identify since a photograph of each airframe is also included.

This is quite an interesting sheet which can be used on the Airfix, Fujimi and Italeri H-53's.

Review and images by Chris St Clair