Scale 1/72
Manufacturer HaHen Aircraft Accessories
Decal Sheet ID 72077
Decal Sheet Title F-100F "Flight Systems"
Types Featured F-100F

HaHen is a small manufacturer specialising in resin accessories and short-run decals for mainly German subjects. This sheet contains markings for 6 of the TF-100F Super Sabres operated by Flight Systems on behalf of the Luftwaffe. The individual aircraft are:-

  • N404FS TF-100F-10-NA (ex 56-3899)
  • N414FS TF-100F-10-NA (ex 56-3826 / GT-826 of the RDAF)
  • N416FS TF-100F-10-NA (ex 56-3916 / GT-916 of the RDAF)
  • N417FS TF-100F-10-NA (ex 56-3842 / GT-842 of the RDAF)
  • N418FS TF-100F-15-NA (ex 56-3996 / GT-996 of the RDAF)
  • N419FS TF-100F-15-NA (ex 56-3971 / GT-971 of the RDAF)

All aircraft are painted gloss white (FS17875) with a dark blue fuselage stripe containing either "Tracor Flight Systems" or "Flight Systems" on the nose and the individual aircraft number on th rear fuselage. Additionally, the Tracor logo is carried on the fin and the word "EXPERIMENTAL" is carried on the fuselage below the forward cockpit.

The decals is printed on a small sheet of continuous film and will need cutting out and trimming to fit. The instructions comprise a single sheet of color photcopy with side views of 3 different aircraft (N416FS, N417FS and N419FS) together with a 3 view.

An interesting sheet for an unusual subject!

Review and images by Chris St Clair