Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-062
Decal Sheet Title Lightning's Strike
Types Featured F-16C, F-104A, F-35A, MQ-1, YF-5A, F-4C

More interesting subjects from Wolfpak Decals. Sheet 72-062 is titled "Lightnings Strike" and features an F-16C from the 148th FW in the new "Have Glass V" scheme, as well as F-35As from the 33rd and 53rd Wings, an F-104A from the 83rd FIS, a Holloman based MQ-1, a YF-5A used by the US Army (!) and an F-4C from the 2nd AD in the original "Navy" scheme.

The individual airframes are as follows:-

  • F-16C 91-0391 from the 179th FS, 148th FW based at Kandahar AFB, Afghanistan, during 2002. This aircraft was painted in the Have Glass V scheme with markings in medium grey, comprising a large bulldog on the fin, "148th FW" on the lower fin and a medium blue tail band containing "DULUTH";
  • F-104A-25-LO 56-849 from the 83rd FIS based in Taiwan during September 1958. Overall polished aluminium with black "FG-849" buzz number and tail code, blue "U.S. AIR FORCE" markings and a large 83rd FIS badge on the fin;
  • F-35A 09-5004 from the 422nd TES, 53rd WG during 2013, painted overall dark grey with "OT" tailcodes and all markings in light grey;
  • F-35A 09-5009 from the 31st TES, 53rd WG during 2013, painted overall dark grey with "OT" tailcodes and all markings in light grey;
  • MQ-1B 08-0226 from the 6th RS, 49th WG based at Holloman AFB during October 2012. Two tone grey scheme of FS36375 (Light Compass Ghost Grey) over FS26440 (Gull Grey). White-outlined black "HO" and "6RS" fin codes together with a medium blue band containing "HAWKS";
  • F-35A 07-0744, 07-0746 and 07-0747 from the 58th FS, 33rd WG during July 2011, in overall dark grey with "EG" tailcodes and all markings in light grey;
  • YF-5A-NO 59-4987 as loaned to the US Army and based at Pensacola NAS, Florida, during 1962. Overall aluminium lacquer with yellow "U.S. ARMY" and "94987" fin markings and day-glo Orange panels on the nose and wing-tips;
  • F-4C-22-MC 64-0693 from the 45th TFS, 2nd AD based at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand, during July 1965. This was the first official USAF "MiG Killer" and carried the original Navy scheme of Gull Grey (FS36440) over Insignia White (FS 17875) with a yellow lightning flash on the fin.

Instructions follow the standard for WolfPak - color side views for each aircraft, black and white three-view camouflage schemes where needed and full histories, weapons loadouts and color notes for each type.

As is always the case, the sheet is in perfect register and the Stars'N'Bars and USAF markings are even in the right shade of Insignia Blue.  Unusually for Wolfpak, stencilling is provided for the F-16 and F-35 (one set of each), mainly because these are not in a "standard" grey (i.e. not easily available in decal form).

Kudos to Wolfpak for continuing to provide interesting subjects!

Review and photos by Chris St Clair