Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-065
Decal Sheet Title Rattling Sabers
Types Featured RB-47H, F-4J, AH-1G, AH-1W, A4D-1, F-84G

Wolfpak Decals continue to churn out new sheets at the rate of two per month - luckily there are so many interesting aircraft that they are unlikely to run out of subjects for some time!

This latest sheet - 72-065 'Rattling Sabers' - covers a variety of subjects including an RB-47H from the 55th SRW and an F-84G from the 31st SFW (unusual in being a Strategic Air Command aircraft).

The USAF subjects covered are:-

  • RB-47H-1-BW 53-4285 from the 55th SRW operating from Thule Air Base, Iceland (date unknown), overall natural metal with a right lightning flash on the fin, SAC stripe on the nose and red nose gear doors.
  • F-84G-30-RE 52-3307 from the 307th FES, 31st SFW based at Turner Field, Georgia during August 1953. This carried the standard scheme of natural metail but had a red fin band containing yellow "16", a SAC band on the nose and the 'Buzz Number' FS-307 on the forward fuselage.

As always with Wolfpak, the instructions contain a comprehensive history for each type, although the color information for the aircraft reviewed here is somewhat lacking. The instructions provide a single color side view for each aircraft but no further information (although not required in this case).

The sheet has been produced by Fantasy Printshop and is in oerfect register.

Unfortunately, one error has crept in - the serial number for the RB-47H is 53-4285 and should carry tailcode '34285' but the code on the decal sheet is '33825'.

Review and images by Chris St Clair