Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Fundekals
Decal Sheet ID
Decal Sheet Title Convair PQM-102A Delta Dagger, Pave Deuce Drone Program, 1978
Types Featured PQM-102A

The final service of the F-102 saw it acting as a drone target as part of the Pave Deuce Drone Program, flying out of Holloman AFB during 1978. This sheet from Fundekals provides markings for a typical aircraft - 56-1263.

These aircraft carried the standard South East Asia Scheme of FS34079 Dark Green, FS34102 Medium Green and FS30219 Tan upper surfaces with FS36622 Gray undersurfaces. As part of the drone program, these aircraft carried International Orange fins and wingtips (FS12197) with a 2 digit identifier on the fin tip.

This particular airframe carried a sharkmouth.

Note that most of the Pave Deuce aircraft were extremely well used - a great opportunity for weathering!

Review by Chris St Clair