Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 11-12
Decal Sheet Title Thanks 2011
Types Featured F-16A, A-10A, A-4E, RA-3B

Each year, Wolfpak produce a special sheet which is only available in limited quantities. The sheet produced for 2011 (11-12 Thanks 2011) covers a range of aircraft including the F-16A and A-10A.

The airframes featured are as follows:-

  • A-4E 151504 from VA-55 aboard USS Constellation during 1966, painted in a special camouflage scheme of FS34079, FS34102 and FS34087
  • F-16A-10B 79-0407 "DO" from the 89th TFS, 906th TFG based at Wright Patterson AFB during 1991. This aircraft is in the 2 tone grey scheme of FS36118 over FS36270 with grey "DO" tailcodes and a black/orange tailflash
  • A-10A 80-0149 "IN" from the 45th FS, 434th FW based at Grissom AFB during 1994. This aircraft is in the standard scheme of FS34092, FS34102 and FS34081 with black "IN" tailcodes outlined in blue, blue tailfin tips and black/white "invasion stripes" on the engine nacelles and wings
  • RA-3B 144847 from VAP-61 aboard USS Constellation during 1966, painted overall gloss black FS17078

This is another typically high quality Wolfpak sheet, with the decals printed in good register, although the decal film does appear a little thicker than is normally the case.

As usual, side views are provided together with history, colour notes and weapons loadouts for each aircraft.

Review and photographs by Chris St Clair