Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Authentic Decals (Olimp)
Decal Sheet ID 72-51
Decal Sheet Title C-130 Hercules USAF Cargo Versions
Types Featured C-130E, C-130H

Sheet 72-51 from Authentic Decals (Olimp) provides markings for a selection of colourful USAF C-130E and H models, with 6 airframes being featured:-

  • C-130E 70-1274 "RS" from the 86th AW, Ramstein AB, painted in overall AMC Battle Grey (FS36173). This aircraft carrie "RS" tailcodes in black, a white fin flash with white diamonds, and a "Spirit of Ramstein" logo on the forward fuselage;
  • C-130H 78-0811 from the Oklahoma Air Guard. Again in FS36173 with a blue fin flash and large multi-colour indian head on the fin;
  • C-130H 85-0041 from the 910th AW, AFRC, painted overall FS36173  with a red/blue fin flash containing "Youngstown" in white;
  • C-130E 62-1836, presumably from AFSOC, painted in a two tone grey scheme of FS36118 upper and FS36375 lower with low visibility tail markings. This aircraft carries a full-colour shark-mouth on the nose;
  • C-130H 91-12332 from the Kentucky Air Guard. This aircraft is painted FS36173 and carries a white tail bank with "Kentucky" in blue;
  • C-130E 69-6580 from the 43d AW based at Pope AFB. Again painted FS36173 with a blue/green tail band containing "Pope" in white.

This release contains 2 decal sheets, both in perfect register and with very thin decal film. The instructions comprise 2 sides of A4 in colour, with a side view for each airframe and separate stencilling instructions.

There is no additional history or reference information, but this is still a very nice sheet, and extremely welcome as C-130s are not popular subjects!

Review and photographs by Chris St Clair