Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
Decal Sheet ID 72-040
Decal Sheet Title Light My Fire
Types Featured F-104C, B-26B, F-4D, A-1H, T-28D

Continuing the theme of Wolfpak decal sheets, this one continues the trend of interesting subjects and covers the following airframes:-

  • F-4D 66-8700 "WZ", 13th TFS, Udorn ASFB, April 1971. This was one of the 2 airframes which carried the PAVE FIRE pod and was attached to the 13th TFS from Det 1, 414th FWS, 57th FWW. It was painted in the standard South East Asia (SEA) scheme of dark green FS34079, medium green FS34102 and tan FS30219 upper surfaces and light grey FS36622 undersides
  • F-4D 66-8700 "OC" - this is the above aircraft after being remarked as a 13 TFS aircraft to make it less conspicuous
  • T-28C-1 140038 from the VNAF based at Nha Trang AB during 1962. This aircraft was painted grey FS36473 on the upper surfaces over white FS37875 undersurfaces
  • F-104C-5-LO 56-0910 from the 435th TFS based at Udorn RTAFB during 1967. Painted in the standard SEA scheme (as above)
  • B-26B 44-34376 utilised in Operation Farm Gate (support provided to the VNAF by Detachment 2A of the 4400th CCTS). The aircraft was painted overall grey FS36473 and carried Vietnamese national markings and no other identifying markings apart from black tailcodes (34376)
  • A-1H 139665 "TC" from the 1st SOS based at Nakhon Phanom RTAFB during 1972. Standard SEA scheme as above
  • CH-46A 151911 based at Ton Son Nhut AB as part of the NAF detachment from Cam Ranh Bay in December 1970

As is usual for Wolfpak, the instructions are a mixture of color and black and white. Side views (left hand only) are provided for each airframe, and color details are provided (with camouflage scheme 3 views where appropriate).

Wolfpak put a lot of effort into the supporting documentation and this is again evidenced through pages of information for each type, with details of usage, weapons loadouts and painting details.

The sheet is printed by Fantasy Printshop and is in register.

As usual, a highly recommended sheet!

Review and photographs by Chris St Clair