Scale  1/72
Manufacturer  Eagle Strike
Decal Sheet ID  EP72094
Decal Sheet Title  B-52H
Types Featured  B-52H

I wasn't aware this sheet was coming out, until I spotted it in the Aviation Megastore weekly newsletter! It is up to the usual quality from Eagle Strike (i.e. very nicely printed) - note that ES are now owned by Squadron Products, and the decal sheet is printed by Cartograf.

The airframes covered are:-

  • B-52H 61-0022 with the 93rd BS, 917th WG and is decorated with nose art memorializing the New York Police Department officers killed in the 9/11 attacks;
  • B-52H 61-0029 with the 93rd BS, 917th WG at Barksdale AFB in 2005;
  • B-52H 60-0047 "North Dakota Payback" of the 23rd BS, 5th BW at Minot AFB in 2004;
  • B-52H 60-0033 "Instrument of Destruction" from the 23rd BS, 5th BW at Minot AFB in 2004

There are side view drawings showing where the markings go for each airframe. All drawings are in full color.

A very nice sheet!  And it's amazing that so many B-52 sheets have arrived this year - this makes 7 with the 6 Cutting Edge sheets!

Review by Chris St Clair