Italeri did make some fairly significant goofs on the wings of their B-66 kits, yet strangely I've never seen anyone else point this out. The problems are easy to fix, however, with a little scribing and some filler.

In short, Italeri added a non-existent second set of ailerons outboard of the real ones, they missed out the outboard trailing edge flap, and they positioned one of the flap hinges in the wrong locations.

Here are photos of the top and bottom of Italeri's EB-66 wing (from a trashed kit, and I cut the slats off).





In these photos:

A denotes scribed lines to be filled. The outboard 7.25 feet of the B-66 wing had no control surface. Perhaps Italeri were looking at an A-3 Skywarrior, which does feature large ailerons extending to the wingtips.

B on the lower surface denotes the hinge line for the outer trailing edge flap, missing from the kit, while on the top surface it indicates the break between the spoiler and the flap, also missing.

1-4 indicate the flap hinge locations. On the original B-66 kit, these are depicted as scribed lines. On the EB-66, they are raised traingles. Hinges 2-4 are in the correct locations, while hinge 1 is strangely positioned in the middle of the aileron. This hinge should be moved just outboard of the engine pylon. The position of hinge 1 is in line with the fuel dump mast, which is not included in the kit (though the ones in Hasegawa's Skywarrior are very nice!)

Technically, the leading edge slats should be down while the EB-66 is on the ground, but lots of other kits have this same issue.

There are a few other minor issues with the E/B-66 kits, depending on how far you want to go with fixing them:

- Break between forward and lower aft section on main gear doors is incorrect. Forward main gear doors should be smaller, aft lower main gear doors should be five sided in shape, rather than rectangular

- Refueling probe too small in diameter, no detail on tip

- Missing prominent crew escape hatch hinges

- Small rectangular vent on forward stb fuselage should be located further aft (directly under rear cabin window), not same location as portside vent

- Main gear torque links moulded in fully extended position (most photos show them almost totally compressed on the ground)

- B-66 20 mm tail guns feature bogus cooling holes, dont resemble actual guns

- Missing cabin air exchanger intakes under main nacelle intakes

- Exhaust sections of nacelles should be smooth and flush with the rest of the nacelle, kit features raised ribs and a step in the nacelle contour

- Large blade antennae on fuselage sides of EB-66E are not 100% accurate in shape or section

The kit also suffers from a weak fuselage seam, so I'd recommend reinforcing it, particularly around the wings.

In any case, a very presentable model can be built with a little work. Here's mine, converted to a late EB-66C, sporting Wolfpack decals as the famous BAT-21 (not the greatest photo, but it shows the modified outer wings).




Article by Will Alcott, courtesy of Hyperscale