Anigrand Craftswork C-141 - how to build an NC-141A - Part 5 by Ted Bayliss

I I have now got the wings on (as you can see), along with the engine pods.The pods were originally stuck on with super glue gel, as I thought they weren't structural, but they all came off fairly quickly so I reglued them with rapid araldite, now they will hopefully stay on for a bit longer.  Having learnt that lesson, I attached the wings with the same method. They have stayed on OK so far...

So now the fuselage is complete except for the undercarriage pods.  I have to finish the undercarriage legs first, so work is progressing on these. They have been made up with some hydraulic lines to be added.  After that I will touch up the paint on the lower fuselage, then it's getting close to decal time.






Another quick update. The first 2 shots show the port pod with the undercarriage finally glued in. There is a lot more detail that could be added, but time is rapidly catching up with me. I managed to find some suitable wire for the main hydraulic pipes coming in. It's a lovely colour, but unfortunately needs to be white. Shame.



The next couple of shots shows the master mainwheel ready for resin copying. If this works, I have some plans, but they are classified for now.



I'll be completing the other pod by the weekend and should be able to get them attached, rubbed down and painted by Sunday, ready for another update then.

Fitting the sponsons wasn't as easy as I would have wished, mostly me being clumsy, but I got there eventually. First, I have made the little radar under the nose. I believe this is the weather radar that was originally fitted, and podded like our weather Herc was. It needs to be painted black, but that will be easy enough. Construction was simple, just a Phantom centreline tank suitably butchered and a blob of milliput bunged on the end.



The next  2 shots are of the paint job so far. I have started putting on some decals for the walkways.



The final shots are of the sponsons. As I said earlier, they were not as easy as they should be.  I'm still not sure what the best way to do it is, whether the wings should have been left off. Either way, there is going to be difficult to reach seams either way, but the wing is a continuous seam, so maybe would be easier that way.



The build phase is now OVER. The only additions left are little bits like decals, and the antennae. Onto the pictures... I shan't go through them,as they are self explanatory. I just hope you like them.








Wel, here she is. Finished at last. It's been a long haul but worth the effort. I have learned some new tricks out of this one. I just want to say that any negative comments about this kit should not stop anyone having a go, as it really is quite nice.


Model, article and photographs by Ted Bayliss