Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Academy
Kit ID 13403
Type Clark CT-46 Tow Tractor
Date Circa 1951
Aftermarket parts used White metal driver figure
Other detail added None
Model built by Alex Hunger
Date Completed February 2010

The tow truck is sold together with a bomb cart, a Dodge WC34 Ambulance and a tow bar in what is called a World War 2 set. After reviewing photos in a couple of Osprey Korean War books and on various web sites, I found this set also useful for a post WWII diorama. The Ambulance was also often seen on the popular TV show M.A.S.H which plöayed in Korea. More on that later

The bomb cart was assembled as per instructions. Only the muff holding the forward dolly wheel was sanded down to be a little less prominent. As everything else, it was spray painted Olive Drab 2. It only needs a little bomb mounted on it now.

The tow truck is a neat liitle compliment to the now ancient Revell tractor which used to be sold with an F-16 and an PW F-100 engine trailer. The Academy kit represents a considerably earlier tow tractor from WWII and Korea and has a lot more detail in the drive train and engine area as well as a proper steering column and gear shift.

Again the drivetrain and body were assembled seperately and primed. The suspension srings look a little brutish, but are hardly visible after completion. The tread on the front wheel is also a little on the heavy side, but compares favourably to the slicks on the Revell tractor. Both top and bottom halves were spray painted in Olive Drab 2. After drying, the suspension, engine, tow hooks and axles were brushed in Tamiya Gun Metal. The seat was brushed in Kahki while the instruments were dabbed in mat black. There were no problems in joining the body and the chassi. The wheels had also been sprayed in Tamiya Olive Drab 2 together with the rest of the kit and only received Tamiya Nato Black for the tyres. Again a war gaming white metal driver that had been pre painted earlier was attached to the seat. As he already had a steering wheel, only the steering column was trimmed and installed.

Last but not least, the regular white star from the kit decal sheet was pasted on to the hood of the tractor.

The kit instruction also suggest painting the tractor in yellow, which may be appropriate for statesides units. At a later stage, I may weather the kit more. Again, it will go well on a PSP base together with Sabres and Thunderjets on their way up to Mig Alley.

Model and photographs by Alex Hunger