Scale 1/72



Kit ID



AT-28D/Fennec 49-1561


606th ACS, Nakhon Phanom RTAFB, Thailand

Date 1967-1968
Aftermarket parts used Decals from Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-044 "Thunder and LITENING"
Other detail added Scratch-built gun pods, new pylons and weaponsq, seat armor
Model built by Chuck Holte
Date Completed May 2012

Here’s a $5 kit I picked up in the Omaha (2011 IPMS/USA Nationals) vendor room, the Heller T-28/Fennec converted to an AT-28D.  Easy conversion; remove the airscoop forward of the windscreen, remove the pylons for the machinegun pods (replace with scratch built pods), add new pylons and weapons, add seat armor and a gunsight to the cockpit and separate the windscreen, mid and aft canopy sections.   Yep, I know the canopy should be about 4 inches shorter, I’ll spot ’em that in 1/72!

Decals (two on each side of the vertical stab) are from Wolfpak sheet 72-044 (Thunder and LITENING), marking the Trojan as an aircraft from the 606th Air Commando Squadron, Nakon Phanom (NKP) Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand, 1967-68.  Per the Wolfpak info sheet, these aircraft, using the callsign “ZORRO,” worked nights above the Ho Chi Minh trail; their specialty was southbound trucking.

Model and photographs by Chuck Holte