Welcome to the new-look SIG site!  One of the main reasons for the lack of updates to the old site was that we have been busy developing this new one, and converting all of the old content over.

This new site is based on a Content Management System so it is much easier to maintain, and hopefully much easier to find your way around too!

The site is accessible at two levels - in addition to general public access, there is additional content available only to signed up SIG members (please note that to be a SIG member you have to be a current, paid-up member of the IPMS).  If you would like to join, you can do this via a link from the "About the SIG" page accessible from the main menu.  This may take a few days to activate so please be patient...

There are quite a few changes to the new site - we have simplified the menus to make things easier to find, there is now a search facility, and the photo galleries work properly!! We are also planning ongoing updates to the site to keep it fresh and to keep adding new content.  A couple of things you will notice...

  • We have created a new board on the forum called "Scale News".  This is where we can place information about new products (models, decals, resin etc).  On the right hand side of the website is a list of the newest items - clicking on one of these will take you straight into the forum.
  • There is a new section on the right which is a news feed straight from the U.S. Air Force Magazine.  This is a great source of up-to-date information and we highly recommend you check it from time to time!

Obviously, in order for this site to continue to grow, we need your feedback!  Please let us know what you think - our contact details are linked from the main menu.


UPDATE!! We have now uploaded copies of TO 1-1-4 (1994 and 1998 editions) and a copy of the FS595B fan deck - check out the "Downloads" section!