A very Happy Christmas to all of you, and we hope that Santa brought you what you wanted!  One of the great things about this time of year is that it provides extra modelling time, although the sub-zero temperatures do reduce the desire to get out into the workshop!

Following on from the last Editorial, I wanted to explain what we've been doing with the website, and what the future plans will be.  In addition to continuing to add new content, I am constantly reviewing the functionality of the website, and looking to improve it where possible.  One of the areas which I felt could use improvement was the Gallery tool - the old one was OK but it wasn't particularly pretty.  As a result, I have installed a new tool which is much better looking as well as easier to use, and I have migrated over all of the old galleries to the new software.

At the same time, I replaced the File management tool as it was not particularly user friendly - the new one is much better and hopefully you'll have  benefited from this already.

After much arm-twisting from SIG Leader Haydn, I was persuaded to work on the SIG Display galleries.  As a result, over the past couple of weeks I have prepared and uploaded all of my pictures taken at shows since early 2005; these are now available online in the galleries.  I still have a lot of photographs from past air displays and will be aiming to upload these over the next month or so.

I have a large backlog of articles to work though, including at least a dozen of Alex Hunger's models, not to mention a couple of articles I've been given permission to copy from ARC and a few other places.  I also have several new articles of my own planned, and of course, it's not too long until Huddersfield 2010!


** Update **

One thing I forgot to mention - the SIG now has its very own Amazon Bookstore.  I have set this up and will add books as and when we find something which we think is worth having...