The RIAT at Fairford has now come and gone - it was not a bad show, but was FAR smaller than it has ever been - in fact the list of cancellations was almost as long as the list of aircraft that attended!  The weather on the Saturday was OK, although not brilliant, but it didn't rain until late afternoon.  Let's hope that next year's show has more to offer...

The list of new kits, decals and accessories continues.  The Hasegawa F-102/F-106 combo kit is now out, although at a price, and Sword are re-releasing their T-38 kit, this time as a T-38C. The Retrokit F350 "Bobtail" has been delayed, but should be with us soon, and on an airliner front, Welsh Models have now released their C-40 and T-43 kits.

Spectre Accessories have released the first of their new resin line of accessories, with the first 3 being nuclear weapons from the 50's & '60s.  We will be reviewing these as soon as we get hold of them!

On the modelling front, preparations for Scale Modelworld continue.  The "theme" for this year is Edwards Air Force Base / Muroc Field and aircraft which were either based or tested there - plenty of scope for some interesting schemes!

There have been some significant updates to the website too.  All the pictures from the RIAT have now been loaded, and we have created a new section for aircraft walkarounds - the first, covering the C-17 in the static display at Fairford, has already been loaded.  There will be plenty more material loaded over the next month or so, as we try to address the backlog!