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Milton Keynes was a great show - we displayed ground equipment only and received possibly more interest than for a "traditional" display!

Following Milton Keynes we attended the North Shields show - another "must do" on the calendar which went well, but which was noticeably down on attendance.

The next SIG outing will be to the Avon Show in August - we're looking forward to this as one of our "favourites" - see you all there! 


No events


Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Amera Plastic Mouldings
Kit ID S233
Kit Title Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS)
Description A kit of a typical RAF Germany HAS Mk.1

Amera have been around for a while and mainly specialise in the Wargaming market.  They have produced a number of WW2 subjects, but this is their first 'modern' subject.

It represents a Mark 1 Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS) as used in RAF Germany during the 1980's and 1990's and comprises 7 vacuformed pieces cast in thick plastic card. These are extremely sturdy and the whole kit should go together relatively quickly.

There is no surface or internal detail, other than the ribbing around the roof at the front, so scratchbuilding will be necessary.

This is the first kit of the subject available since the (long out of production) Big Sky kit.

This is highly recommended - whilst it is not directly applicable to USAFE modelling, it is quite likely that detatchments would have used these shelters.

And if we buy lots of these, Amera have indicated that they might be willing to have a go at a  TAB VEE HAS :)

Stay tuned - I am planning to get this assembled over the coming months...

This kit can be purchased from Amera directly -

Review and photographs by Chris St Clair