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Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Fundekals
Decal Sheet ID
Decal Sheet Title Convair F-102A Delta Dagger Airframe Stencil Data
Types Featured F-102A

Fundekals are not a well-known company, but they specialise in slightly more unusual subjects - their sheets are small but well priced.

This new sheet contains stencil data for a single F-102 and fits both the old Frog/Hasegawa and new Meng kits in 1/72.

It contains complete stencil data as well as stars'n'bars for the intakes and upper/lower wings, USAF marking and 'straight' U.S.AIR FORCE lettering for the fuselage - if the 'curved' type is needed this would need to be sourced elsewhere.

The sheet is beautifully printed and is in perfect register. Instructions comprise left and right side views and a top view and can be downloaded from the Fundekals website.

Highly recommended and a 'must-have' for the new Meng sheet which is rather sparsely populated with stencils.

This sheet, together with a number of specific F-102 airframe sheets, can be sourced directly from Fundekals.

Review by Chris St Clair