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Scale 1/48
Manufacturer Afterburner Decals
Decal Sheet ID AD48-034
Decal Sheet Title  Arctic Aggressor F-16's
Types Featured  F-16C, F-16D

This is, to say the least, another much awaited sheet!  The 18th AS has now taken on an Aggressor role, and are in the process of painting up their F-16’s in 3 schemes. 

For various reasons, the aircraft at Eilson have been repainted a number of times, and Two Bobs have chosen their sheet to depict the aircraft as they will appear when repainted and remarked.

Afterburner’s sheet in 1/48th scale is extremely comprehensive, to say the least…

The sheet contains markings for 9 different Block 30 airframes in all 3 schemes, as follows:-

Where Afterburner really score is with the instructions.  Each aircraft has left and right drawings in color showing the key markings, and there are upper and lower camouflage markings to complement them. AB also provide a separate layout for the wing walkways and a complete set of stencilling instructions.  If THAT isn’t enough, they even detail the differences between the 3 paint barns used to paint the different aircraft!!  There are also build and modelling notes.

All in all a fantastic sheet!  I don’t build 1/48th scale aircraft, but tend to pick up the Afterburner decals as they provide great reference material!  My only “complaint” (although not as such” is that the instructions are color copies and a little “muddy” – the quality could be improved.  Only a minor complaint though!

All in all, a great sheet!

Review by Chris St Clair