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Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Decals Carpena
Decal Sheet ID 72.70
Decal Sheet Title Desert Storm / Daguet
Types Featured Jaguar A, SA342M Gazelle, Mirage F1-CH, A-10A, RF-4C, Puma HC.Mk 1

Sheet 72.70 from Decals Carpena features a number of subjects from Desert Storm, including an A-10A from the 511th TFS and an RF-4C from the 106th TRS.

The following subjects are featured:-

The instructions comprise 2 sides of black-and-white photocopy which are unfortunately a poor copy and difficult to read, as well as being a mixture of French and English, although the details can be made out. A left-hand-side view is provided for each type, with smaller upper surface scheme diagrams where needed.

The sheet is in good register and is very thin, containing the major markings and a small selection of stencils.

Review by Chris St Clair