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Scale 1/72
Manufacturer Wolfpak Decals
ID 72-014
Title Mildenhall & Ohio
Types Featured EC-135H, B-2A, A-37B, A-7K, F-100D

This sheet from Wolfpak Decals focusses on aircraft operated from RAF Mildenhall and also by the Ohio ANG.  It features 5 different types - the EC-135H "Silver Dollar", B-2A "Spirit", A-37B, A-7K "SLUF" and F-100D Super Sabre.

The airframes covered are as follows:-

As usual, the sheet is well printed (by Fantasy Printshop) with everything in register, the decal film itself is thin and there is very little overlap of film.  Wolfpak provide a supplementary sheet with additional blue cheatlines for the EC-135H.

The instructions comprise a set of side profiles printed in colour, black and white copies of the relevant camouflage schemes and complete detail (both historical and modelling) for each airframe.

Again, a nice sheet, and I can see at least 3 of the schemes featured ending up on my models! 

Review by Chris St Clair